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Take the hassle out of maintaining your websites, and let us do it for you! We have a wide variety of options to choose from, to fit your specific needs. Packages starting at $10/month.

Our maintenance packages may include the following services:

  • Updating your site's software whenever new versions are released.
  • Posting new content you provide, including basic SEO for new pages.
  • Optimizing and posting new images you provide.
  • Searching for stock images based upon your criteria.
  • Adding e-mail accounts.
  • Monitoring forums and comments, checking for spam.
  • Proofreading provided content for typos and grammar errors.
  • Posting new links and responding to webmaster e-mails.
  • Emergency repairs due to hacker attacks.
  • Keeping current backups.
  • Monitoring Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Creating and monitoring CP NET-works advertising campaigns (you must provide ad content).

CP Graphics will turn a static web site to CMS. CMS allows publishing, editing, modifying, organizing, deleting, and maintaining content from a central interface. Starting @ $10/mo. Contact us for more details and pricing information.

Website Hosting is providing the capacity to display your website online. Our website hosting packages have been designed to meet your every need. We have hosting as low as $5.00/mo. includes one email address. 1 yr domain registration at $15 - 25/yr  (subject to change).

For more info on options, packages and pricing include a discription of what you want and we can send you example links and a free quote. 

click here to send us a message. 

CP Graphics experts can help to improve your website ranking and traffic, by maintaining your SEO.

CP Graphics offers Monthly Reports, Quarterly Reports & Annual Reports the choice is yours.

CP Graphics experts will set-up all you need to get up and running on Google Plus. 

All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results. CP Graphics experts can help with you get ranked high.

Increase your site's visibility and traffic with help from CP Graphics SEO experts, from website analysis to keyword research, we can cover all of your SEO Needs.

Good SEO techniques can take your business to another level by tailoring your website to be found in the search engines when people type in more vague terms than your brand name or specific product name. This is accomplished through on-page and off-page SEO techniques that CP Graphics experts can do.

CP Graphics can even help users find you online by building search engine optimization right into your website. Since CP Graphics Design is a full-service web design agency, you won’t have to go elsewhere for all the extra tactics to push your website to the top. Whether you need graphics, SEO, or other digital marketing, we do it all in-house.

CP Graphics SEO experts will claiming your top 40 local search listings. This will help with your web site ranking.

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